Causes of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder can come about in numerous forms. There are one time attacks, and recurring episodes that are usually associated with phobias. Panic attacks today are much more common then it used to be. they believe the reasoning behind this is because we now live in a much more stressful environment, we eat much unhealthier, and people abuse substances much more frequently. The causes of anxiety disorder are still not concrete but what we do know is that people are greatly impaired by anxiety today and because of this, there are many natural anxiety cures you can use. As people start to develop anxiety disorder they slowly increase there nervousness and fear.

There fears begin to be exaggerated, fearing objects or simple events. Fear is what drives people into the paranoia associated with general anxiety disorder. The symptoms that frequently develop are shortness of breath, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea and tension in the various muscles in your body. There are many levels of anxiety and panic attacks. Medical professionals do not diagnose anxiety as an actual disorder unless the patient notices that the anxiety and panic stop or hinder there day to day lives. If the patient has panic attacks that are recurring for some time it is usually diagnosed as an illness. In my opinion the diagnosis of the various types of anxiety are loose at best. People are wrongly diagnosed all the time with clinical depression, and sometimes even schizophrenia, when in reality they have an anxiety disorder. The causes of anxiety as well as the diagnosis is a problem doctors deal with every day. There are many anxiety disorder treatments on the market today from homeopathic to Rx. I feel that natural cures for anxiety are a much better approach than the common western medicine solutions. Mild forms of anxiety can be usually be treated with herbs such as St. Johns wort and Valerian root, and sometimes behavioral therapy is used for mild cases.

For the moderate to extreme cases many people use pills for there problems, but the best thing to do is find a fixed natural anxiety course of anxiety treatment that works for you. I found a natural anxiety treatment that combines homeopathic remedies with knowledge of the disease so you can attack it from all angles. I found it to be the best combined solution for attacking the problem at it’s aource. You can go here to see what I use. Medication or anti-depressants should be a last resort in my opinion. These medications re extremely addictive and usually leave the patient in a sedated state. Natural surprisingly are a much healthier method of treatment. Causes of anxiety disorder can be for many reasons. Anxiety can be brought on by drugs or a traumatic experience or both.

It is essential for people to take precautions when they know they are prone to anxiety or panic attacks. It is much easier if you work on getting yourself a healthy living environment as well as a good support system of friends and family who understand your issues. An anxiety disorder can originate from drug addiction, but it can have its roots from traumatic experiences or phobias, too. It’s important for people who are prone to anxiety disorders to take preventive measures to ensure their psychological well-being. Being able to cope well at stressful situations, a happy environment, and a good support system of family and friends can help people ward of anxiety problems. If you are looking for self help for anxiety information or you are looking for natural generalized anxiety disorder treatment visit our home page or check out our other posts. I hope this helped.