Three Simple Natural Home Heartburn Remedies 

Heartburn Sufferers needn’t endure the discomfort! All it takes is a valuable andpriceless knowledge of WHAT TO DO! As they say, everything is much easier when youknow how. Heartburn needn’t be a constant irritant in our lives and nature has provided some natural home heartburn remedies that we can use to soothe and relieve the heartburn.

Also, some of these natural home heartburn remedies are worth incorporating in yourdaily diet anyway as they promote good health. As most heartburn sufferers have foundout, diet is the biggest contributing factor and a simple tweak can potentially deliver permanentrelief.

Apples – Apples have been long acknowledged as a natural heartburn remedy as theycool the burn of the stomach acid. Personally, I consume apples on a daily basis andhave found that my heartburn can disappear for months at a time! I absolutelyrecommend making apples a permanent staple in your diet as they are relatively cheap,tasty and deliver in valuable health benefits.

Those who dislike eating apples may get creative with them by cooking them andcreating desserts, making apple pie or consuming pure apple juice. The fact that theyare readily available makes themone of the better natural home heartburn remedies and if they work foryou, then you may just have stumbled upon a cheap heartburn cure!

Warm Milk and Honey – Some natural home heartburn remedies are truly ghastly. The veryeffective soda water cure comes to mind.

This one however, will have you licking yourcup for every last drop. Mixing a teaspoonful of wild honey (regular honey will do)and warm milk creates one of the most delicious natural home heartburn remedies ever!

The full bodied flavour of the milk and the balanced rich sweetness of the honey makesthis feel more like a luxurious drink rather than a remedy for a chronic condition. Try it!

Mint Sweets/Ginger Tea – Mint tea has the cooling effect that actually relieves theburning sensation of heartburn. Also, eating sugar-free mints is also helpful againstheartburn.

Ginger tea is a double edged sword. I’m not quite sure of just how it works but I havetested it time and again and it has proved to be effective. At first, the burningsensation is amplified as ginger is quite hot itself and then within a few minutes,that sensation disppears. This natural home heartburn remedy is only a last resortfor me and because most of my first choices work so well, I rarely have to use this. Idon’t like ginger anyway!

Heartburn CAN be cured naturally! Learn how you can ditch the drugs and avoid the serious side effects!

Blanched Almonds – Blanched almonds are one of the great natural home heartburnremedies. Chewing a half dozen of these has been known to soothe symptoms and provide much needed relief. Bland foods in general are very effective at soothing heartburn andlike wise, I really recommend incorporating these into your diet to permanentlyeliminate heartburn for extended periods of time!