Which One is Better: IVF or Adoption

Today most of the couples face infertility problem as they are not able to conceive naturally. It is a terrible shock to discover that you cannot naturally conceive and it becomes very hard to deal with it. Of course everyone wants to become parents one day but when nature itself doesn’t want to give you this opportunity then the whole world is turned on its head and forced you to take some hard decision.

Probably IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or Adoption both carries financial, medical, and family dynamic risks. So we cannot assume which one is better. Actually both have their own benefits and risks associated with them. I hereby share all the benefits and risks include in both of the options. Later on it depends on you for which you want to go.

Adoption: It is the practice where an orphan child is adopted by those couples who are not able to conceive or sometimes due to their personal opinion they opt this practice. Adoption is a creation of new permanent relationship between an adopted child and parents. This practice needs legal documentation which ensures that the adopted child is legally became yours. There are many issues with the birth parents which forced them to donate their offspring to orphanages. This practice can be arranged by adoption agency and individual one. Adoption process follows some steps like first you should register for adopting a child, need pre- counselling about adoption, then select child and complete legal procedure. The average cost of adoption is about $5,000 to $40,000 and has benefits directed to the child who is being placed for adoption and also the adoptive parents. It brings a positive ending to a challenging situation.

IVF: Some people believe that there is no greater joy and meaning in life than to watch one’s own genes blend with a loved one’s. IVF is the treatment of infertility accepted when all other are failed. In this practice eggs are combined with the sperm and fertilized in the laboratory, after the egg is fully fertilized, it is transferred to the uterus. IVF treatment is very expensive than any other infertility treatment. The average cost of In Vitro is nearly $3,000 per cycle and also many cycles of in vitro are often required to create a pregnancy that goes full term. In addition if you have any fallopian tube damage, surgery can be costly. The success rate of IVF Treatment is depend on the women age as if you opt it early it may have better chances and for women over 40, it is low. Problem with husband’s sperm are not an issue as the eggs are fertilize with ICSI. Although IVF gives you genetic child, it also include some risks like bleeding, weight loss, paining, damage to bowel or bladder.

Adoption vs. IVF

IVF may cost you high but is a better option if you want your genetic child. You just need to plan it early and properly. But if you already crossed 40s, then adoption is good idea because that helps you not to fight with your health and low performance of IVF cycle.